Private Physiotherapy Home Visits

We offer home visits for young and elderly clients who are too injured, sick or with too much pain so struggle to come to the clinic and have treatment goals.

Why Get Physio At Home?

At AMPS Physiotherapy we are fully qualified chartered physiotherapists specialised in musculoskeletal, Neuro, falls and elderly rehabilitation, which means we provide home visit service to variety of patients Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Falls and balance problems, Hip and knee replacement and spine problems. Rehabilitate the clients in their own environment help us to know the client difficulties with everyday tasks and opportunity to see the client surroundings which help to plan the treatment, implementing simple environmental modifications and set client cantered goals according to the circumstances. Also, we are happy to involve family to understand the client condition, treatment as well as giving them an opportunity to ask the physio any questions and learn how they can support their dear one.

Amps Physio Home Visits